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A renaissance painting of a ship with small boats and people on them visualizing the Boston Tea Party.
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Do you hate history? And do you think that History is probably the most boring thing you had to endure all your schooling life?

Well, that is because we were only taught the boring part of history. There have been some cool things that have happened in our history. Don’t believe me? Ok. So, do you know about a protest that sparked the American Revolution? NO! Not BLM! Do you know about the Boston Tea Party: An interesting forgotten piece of history?

In the 1700s, America was also a colony of the British. The British love their tea and they brought this love to America. Around the mid-1700s, Americans were chugging down more than 1 million pounds of tea every year. Right!! You didn’t know it, did you? And they were very fond of their tea, so much so that they created a whole revolution over it.

Boston Tea Party: How it all began..

By now you are wondering ‘who would fight over something like tea?!’ Well, the British had just finished fighting a war and they were going broke. So, they thought it would not be the worst idea in the world to just add a couple of new taxes on the Americans to pay off some debt. In doing so they imposed two taxes, one of which taxed essentials such as paper, glass, paint, led, and TEA.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the American people and they protested. Then, after some protest and violent brawls, the British parliament agreed to remove taxes on all things except…….. Yes, you guessed it right: Tea. *Brits were some cunning people back then.* But Americans were done with the royal shenanigans and they started smuggling tea from Holland. Brits were left with butt loads of tea and nothing to take to their bank.

Boston Tea Party: Something is brewing..

Bored? Wait, here comes the interesting part. Though the Brits decreased their taxes on tea so it can be at par with the smuggled tea, almost a quarter of the American population kept on buying the smuggled tea. Finally, on the night of 16 December 1773, a group of 100 men dressed up as Native Americans boarded the British ships which had arrived with a tea consignment and started throwing off chests of tea into the water. It took them three hours to fling off around 342 chests full of tea into the ocean, this came to be known as the Boston Tea Party.

Cute name, right? Anyway, this event is said to be one of the fire-starters for the American Revolution that got them their Independence. Oh and cool info: the tea that was tossed into the water was evaluated at $1,00,000 as per today’s prices. Now that is some way to protest!

Well, we hope you liked this rather different piece of history we dug up for you. Now, imagine if tea can start a revolution, then it can surely change around your day.

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